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Translation, , proof-reading, editing and localization.|Because your content should reach its target audience, without mistakes or problems.


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My name is Alvaro, I’m from Cochabamba-Bolivia, professional English and French to Spanish translator with more than 4 years of experience. I love language and decided to make my job out of them. For that reason, I can assure you I’ll be 100% commited to the assignment you propose. I have both the academic and professional experience that will allow me to carry your message in a precise manner to your target audience.

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How can I help:

My studies in Applied Linguistics and Translation (EN > ES) allow me to understand language in its different levels, which makes your translations accuracy-oriented linguistically.

With more than two years as Assistant at my University’s Translation Center, (hundreds of academic and legal documents), I’ve developed an ability for research and documentation. Something any translation needs to carry its message appropriately.

Among other online and in-person courses to improve my linguistic and translation skills I can name: Website Localization For Translators, Proofreading and style in Spanish y Metodología de la enseñanza de la lectura. All of these have a single purpose: that I can carry out a translation as error-free as possible.

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For more clear proofs of my work, here are some TESTIMONIALS from people I’ve worked with:

Fabio Descalzi

Fabio Descalzi Translator in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate


I've known Álvaro Flores since 2015, both as an English to Spanish translator, and as a creative writer. I can attest his professionalism and accuracy as a translator, as well as his ease when elaborating narrations with a great variety of tones and registers.

Natalia Rodríguez Blanco

Natalia Rodríguez Blanco SURI Asesoría lingüística


I was lucky to study with Alvaro and shared discussions about translation as colleagues. I find in him a very conscious and neat work, in addition to his humility and openness to the contribution of others.

Collin Stewart

Collin Stewart ATA Certified Spanish to English Translator


Alvaro combines a natural aptitude for languages with diligent study of the details and context of a text. He is also deadline-oriented and reliable, so he brings a lot of value to any project.